Name (English) Abbr. Photos Leader Ideology Position International organisations Votes (2010) Seats in Sorcherting Seats in Senate Notes
Labor Party of Charlatan LPC Victoria Justice Victoria Justice Social democracy centre-left Socialist International 195
National Conservative Party NCP N55897614605 1801750 4262 Oliver Oakes Liberal conservatism center-right International Democrat Union 91
Charlatan Liberal Party CLP Rey Gumatas Rey Gumatas liberalism conservatism center Liberal International 54
National Democratic Party CLP Liberal Guillermo del Toro democratic centre-left Convention and visitor bureau
Progressive Party of Charlatan PPC James Maslow James Maslow Progressive centre none
Charlatan Greens CG Bortolotti Mirko Bortolotti Green Politics left-wing Global Greens 7
Charlatan National Party CNP KurtBusch Kurt Busch Social democracy right-wing none 9
Christian Democrats CD 01CD Henson Taraji P.Henson Christian democracy right-wing none 9
Southeast Democrats SED 25 Sten Pentus Sten Pentus Socialism center none
Nationalist Peoples Coalition NPC Chelsshorthair Chelsea Hobbs nationalism,populism right-wing none 6
Social Democratic Party of Charlatan SDP Palmer chrissy Chrissy Palmer Social democracy Center none 10
Nuisance Party NP Lindsay sloane 1740659 Lindsay Sloane Socialism right-wing none 9
Summersault Party SSP Cholo Binuya Cholo Binuya Capoeiraism right-wing none
National Research Council Party NRCP Razia Luis Razia Researchism right-wing National Research Council
Charlatan Womans Party CWP Bigelow Kathryn Bigelow feminism right-wing
Charlatan Family Alliance Party CFAP Howard Not His B-DAY Terrence Howard Social conservatism right-wing
Communist Party of Charlatan CPC Simon Hunter Simon Hunter communism None none
United Party of Charlatan UPC Vote Liza Minelli None None none
National Reform Party of Charlatan NRPC Terting Peter Terting Reform center none
Independent Ind. None None None none 8

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