2010 (Jan.) 22px-Flag of the Philippines.svg 2010 (May)
Charlatan general election, February 2010
All 394 Seats in Sorcherting
February 13,2010

First party Second party Third party
Victoria Justice Steve Miner NCRAAO Pres N55897614605 1801750 4262
Leader Victoria Justice Steve Miner Oliver Oakes
Party LPC Liberal NCP
Leader since February 1,2010 January 11,2010 February 5,2010
Leader's seat Hancock FauntLeRoy Fairfield
Popular vote 1,226,692 1,044,295 954,961
Percentage 32.08% 27.31% 24.97%
Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Robert Duvall-1 N558679794 7449 ChloeBridges
Leader Robert Duvall Jari Nurminen Chloe Bridges
Party Party 380 Greens Christian Democrats
Leader since January 27,2010 February 12,2010 February 8,2010
Leader's seat Jean-Garcie Suffolk City Ryantown
Popular vote 303,713 294,161 0
Percentage 7.94% 7.69% 0%

Previous Incumbent Prime Minister
Oliver Oakes

Prime Minister-Elect
Victoria Justice

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